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Centrifugal Water Pump Set Exporter

Centrifugal water pump set exporter

We are iso 9001 & iso 14001 certified company for the supply of all kinds of pumps, made up of ss raw material. we offer fire fighting pump, set monoblock pump, set process pump, set centrifugal water pump set etc. each pump sets are tested before ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 05:36 hs
High Pressure Chemical Pumps Exporter

High pressure chemical pumps exporter

The petece enviro engineers are rapidly developing certified company. we supply array chemical pumps in competitive range. we offer various kinds of pumps in advanced models such as vacuum pump, hsc pump, self-priming pump, polypropylene pump, pvdf ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 05:25 hs
Self-Priming Industrial Pumps Supplier

Self-priming industrial pumps supplier

We are dealers and suppliers of industrial pumps that are made up of high grade raw materials. we offer air operated diaphragm pump, end suction pump, process pump, dewatering pump, monoblock pump, stainless steel pump, centrifugal pump, solid ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 05:15 hs
Kettle type Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

Kettle type heat exchanger manufacturer

These are strong sturdy construction heat exchangers made up of premium raw materials procured from certified vendors. these kettle type heat exchanger are used to deliver heat to the bottom end of the industrial distillation columns. the raw ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 00:15 hs
Air cooled Heat Exchanger Exporter and Manufacturers

Air cooled heat exchanger exporter and manufacturers

We are engaged in the manufacture and exporter of air cooled heat exchangers. these exchangers have thin and thick fins as per the requirements. these exchangers are also known as air fin coolers. it is a strong construction reduces the temperature ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 00:08 hs
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger for Chemical Industries

Shell & tube heat exchanger for chemical industries

The shell & tube heat exchanger we provide is sturdy strong construction. it is a "u"-bend tube design delivers long service life by eliminating the effects of thermal contraction and expansion.features:materials used: 19 mm copper tubes, carbon ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 00:00 hs
High Quality Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

High quality finned tube heat exchanger manufacturer

We the uni-tech are innovative manufacturer of finned tube heat exchanger. thus we have brought outstrip wounded fins, flat fins, and wire wounded fins tube heat exchangers. all the heat exchangers have undergone product test for enhanced ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 23:53 hs
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger for Heating and Air Conditioning

Shell & tube heat exchanger for heating and air conditioning

We are prominent manufacturer and exporter of shell & tube heat exchanger for heating and air conditioning. our heat exchangers are designed as per the specifications. it is ecofriendly and easy to install. it plays a vital role in,fossil-fuel and ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 23:44 hs
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger for Turbine Lube Oil Coolers

Air cooled heat exchanger for turbine lube oil coolers

We are manufacturer and supplier of customized air cooled heat exchanger for turbine lube oil coolers. the manufacturing process includes product quality check at each stage. hence we assure durability and reliability. our heat exchangers have ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 23:38 hs
Inter after Industrial Cooler for Chemical Plants

Inter after industrial cooler for chemical plants

We offer inter after industrial cooler that functions to provide efficient cooling effect. this inter-cooler undergo cooling like an engine radiator where the air flows above the inter-cooler fins outside, that in return cools the air present inside ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 23:33 hs
Best Android Training And Development Center In Coimbatore

Best android training and development center in coimbatore

Doclick solutions is a software training with development institute. this is the place where students can experience the knowledge of software. here we are to take through an successful it carrier and guide the students to enhance them to apply ...
Courses / Classes - Coimbatore - 07:28 hs
You Need Any Graphic Designing Works at Low Price

You need any graphic designing works at low price

Corporate identity, logo creations, signs & banners, posters, brochure, flyers, invitation, package designing, powerpoint presentation, website designing, gif / flash banners, visiting cards,t-shirt design. interior, exterior models, 3d models, ...
Other Services - Coimbatore - 04:16 hs
Need Any Graphic Designing Work att Low Price

Need any graphic designing work att low price

Corporate identity, logo creations, signs & banners, posters, brochure, flyers, invitation, package designing,powerpoint presentation, website designing, gif / flash banners, visiting cards,t-shirt design. interior, exterior models, 3d models, ...
Web Services - Coimbatore - 07:44 hs
Semi-automatic Sheet Punching machine Manufacturers

Semi-automatic sheet punching machine manufacturers

We offer an advanced model semi-automatic sheet punching machine (sheet to sheet). it has the capacity to produces nonstop holes in all kinds of notebooks, desk calendar and coated paper at a high-speed. it is highly used in paper industries. it ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 07:01 hs
Manual bag sealing machine, Lathe Machine Manufacturers

Manual bag sealing machine, lathe machine manufacturers

Our manual bag sealing machine has vertical sealer. it can be operated using power or manually. it has the capacity to handle heavy load and it contains gear drive that ensures long service life and superior sealing quality. it has technical ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 06:56 hs
Automatic Paper Cup forming Machine Manufacturers

Automatic paper cup forming machine manufacturers

We provide automatic paper cup forming machine that uses one side pe (polyethylene) film coated/laminated paper as raw material. the output cups are majorly used in the hot drink and beverages. it produces cups of size 2.5—12oz, height up to 125 mm. ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 06:49 hs
Automatic Roll Paper Die Cutting Machine Manufacturers

Automatic roll paper die cutting machine manufacturers

We offer international standardized automatic roll paper die cutting machine. it is completely user friendly by comprising micro-computer, human-computer control interface, alternating current frequency converter, automatic counting, photoelectric ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 06:43 hs
PE Paper Coated Machine Manufacturers

Pe paper coated machine manufacturers

We are recognized manufacturer of pe coated paper worldwide. it is highly hygienic material and we use eco-friendly food grade ink for printings over the cups. we offer,itcwest coastseshasayee etc.note: please give us your phone number and email-id ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 06:38 hs
Fully automatic Non-Woven Bag Making Machine Manufacturers

Fully automatic non-woven bag making machine manufacturers

We offer rapid functioning automatic non-woven normal bag making machine made up of stainless steel and automatic devices such as slotting device, punching device and metering devices. it has come with the facility of screen touch, photo electric ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 06:31 hs
Fully automatic roll to roll printing machines

Fully automatic roll to roll printing machines

Our fully automatic roll to roll printing machine to form paper cups are an innovative production. it is high performance machine with low power consumption. the throughput is considerable from its quality printing. its features are,capable of 20’ ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 06:25 hs
High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine Manufacturer

High speed paper cup forming machine manufacturer

We renowned in the manufacture of sophisticated high speed paper cup forming machine. it is a light weight machine which has production capability. it requires low power and less maintenance. it contains hot blowing equipment and plc system. it has ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 06:10 hs
Double bedroom FLATS for RENT in Coimbatore

Double bedroom flats for rent in coimbatore

Ig residency============2 bhk flats available for rent at ig is located in tvs nagar near thadagam road, coimbatore with all facilities.the rent starts from rs.7000 onwards.facilities available:---------------------• corporation ...
Apartments - Coimbatore - 04:53 hs
JOIN US AS A BUSINESS PARTNER(financial services)

Join us as a business partner(financial services)

Hello friends this is a financial services which has emerged as a one-stop investment solutions provider.attractive commercial proposition. opportunity to partner a fast growing organization. in-depth equity research with comprehensive coverage ...
Business Opportunities - Coimbatore - 07:44 hs
You Need Any Graphic Designing Works at Low Price

You need any graphic designing works at low price

Corporate identity, logo creations, signs & banners, posters, brochure, flyers, invitation, package designing,powerpoint presentation, website designing, gif / flash banners, visiting cards,t-shirt design. interior, exterior models, 3d models, ...
Other Jobs - Coimbatore - 04:56 hs
Lightweight Copper Strips for Transformers

Lightweight copper strips for transformers

Industrial copper strips that are highly demanded worldwide are offered in reliable manner as per the requirement. these are of good chemical resistance and malleable. hence used in various applications such as transformers, automobiles, heat ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 00:42 hs
Copper Foils for Solar heater Suppliers

Copper foils for solar heater suppliers

The copper foils are made up of pure copper raw materials that offer good toughness, high shielding capacity and corrosion resistance. these are offered by us in comprehensive range and model as per the demand.application:felting or bonding of ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 00:35 hs
Copper Sheets for Transformer Core & Rectifiers

Copper sheets for transformer core & rectifiers

Copper sheets are good conductors of power. it enhances the power migration and develops good conductivity. hence these sheets are widely used in electrical and electronic applications. we provide user defined quality copper sheets that blazes in ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 00:28 hs
High Quality Brass Flats Manufacturer

High quality brass flats manufacturer

The high qualities brass flats are offered from us are contiguous model reliable compact pressured materials. these are appreciated for forging, free cutting, naval brass, riveting brass and high tensile strength properties. thickness and dimensions ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 00:23 hs
Brass Wires for Hardware Applications

Brass wires for hardware applications

We metal source is a leading exporter of brass wires of high tensile strength. these are brought out with the quality confirmation of is / bs specifications. hence offers properties like free cutting, high tensile strength etc. these are light ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 00:16 hs
Full Hard Brass Strips, Full Hard Brass Strips Supplier

Full hard brass strips, full hard brass strips supplier

Comprehensive ranges of brass strips offered by us are good electrical and heat conductors applicable in architectural, industrial and electrical areas. variation in its property allows diversity in applications. we assure non corrosive brass strips ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 00:09 hs
Brass Foils for Flashlight shells & Connectors

Brass foils for flashlight shells & connectors

We offer high electrical and heat conducting brass foils made up of premium quality raw materials. its thickness and dimensions are brought out as per the client’s requirement. we offer foils hardened in different zones such as soft annealed, ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 00:08 hs
Stainless Steel Brass Sheets for Auto Parts

Stainless steel brass sheets for auto parts

Our brass sheets are user friendly sheets allows one to use it for massive applications such as hot forgings, radiator tanks and cores, hinges, pins, rivets, buttons, needles etc. as per the requirements. these are shaped under high pressure. we are ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 23:57 hs
High Strength Brass Rods, High Strength Brass Rods Supplier

High strength brass rods, high strength brass rods supplier

The brass rods of high tensile strength offered by us are of blazing model strong rods. these are brought out of practically proven strong brass alloy. the dimension offered by us supports applications such as hardware, ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 23:50 hs
Brass pipes for Plumbing & Interior Fittings

Brass pipes for plumbing & interior fittings

The metal source is a certified leading exporter of brass pipes and other brass products. these pipes are manufactured by brass of compressed molecules. the dimensional accuracy towards diameter, thickness and length are considerably high that meets ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 23:38 hs
Commercial Ground Floor for Rent in Flower Market, R.S. Puram

Commercial ground floor for rent in flower market, r.s. puram

I.g towers==========commercial ground floor available for rent at ig towers building located in flower market, r.s. puram, coimbatore. the area is approximately around 400.sq ft and it is very well suited for starting an office, corporate, showroom ...
Office Space - Coimbatore - 06:12 hs
OPEN A DEMAT ACCOUNT WITH US - Empowered Investing

Open a demat account with us - empowered investing

Hello friends unicon introduces you to the world of empowered investing! our world-class secure technology offers you the facility of investing in financial markets from the convenience of your home/office, with complete peace of mind. unicon offers ...
Business Opportunities - Coimbatore - 04:17 hs
Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) Foam Concrete Plant Manufacturer Supplier

Cellular light weight concrete (clc) foam concrete plant manufacturer supplier

We supply our clients a precision engineered clc (cellular light weight concrete) foam concrete plant. these are available in fully & semi-automatic with the setup ranges from 15m3 to 250m3.we also set up the entire plant in full operation mode ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 04:02 hs
CLC Foam Generator Machine Manufacturer Supplier

Clc foam generator machine manufacturer supplier

Clc foam generator machines comes with output capacity ranges from 250-300 ltr/min. the machine uses the compressed air & within short time, the foam is formed that is independent mesh bubble, rich foam, fine and large quantity. the adjustable power ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 03:51 hs
Concrete Automatic Brick Making Machine

Concrete automatic brick making machine

We are reputed manufacturer for the extensive variety of clc foam brick making machine that is credited with making a superior range of high protein foaming agent-- based bricks. the clc foam concrete machines need compressed air, supplied under ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 03:42 hs
CLC Block Making Machine Manufacturer

Clc block making machine manufacturer

We manufacture and supply clc block making machines that are fully automatic & equipped with an electric cabinet that can automatically control block production. these machines have high production capacity, resistance to corrosion & works well ...
Professional Equipment - Coimbatore - 03:34 hs
You Need Any Graphic Designing Works at Low Pricee

You need any graphic designing works at low pricee

Corporate identity, logo creations, signs & banners, posters, brochure, flyers, invitation, package designing,powerpoint presentation, website designing, gif / flash banners, visiting cards,t-shirt design. interior, exterior models, 3d models, ...
Web Services - Coimbatore - 00:58 hs
Business Deals across cities, Call Center

Business deals across cities, call center

Om-it solutions pvt. ltd., is an it company and bpo group, outsourcing its prestigious project, construct india ( which is a contact center for all inbound and outbound call centers and data processing in india. ...
Web Services - Coimbatore - 07:35 hs
Tally Customization In Coimbatore & Chennai

Tally customization in coimbatore & chennai

Mazenet technologies prides itself as one of the leaders in the tally support, sales, integration, and development & solutions. we provide the latest technology and equipment allowing us to give our customers the best service possible on-site and ...
Courses / Classes - Coimbatore - 06:54 hs
You Need Any Graphic Designing Works at Low Price

You need any graphic designing works at low price

Corporate identity, logo creations, signs & banners, posters, brochure, flyers, invitation, package designing,powerpoint presentation, website designing, gif / flash banners, visiting cards,t-shirt design. interior, exterior models, 3d models, ...
Others - Coimbatore - 01:39 hs

False ceiling designer & painting work in coimbatore

We are well-reckoned as one of the reliable providers of gypsum false ceiling and plaster of paris false ceiling services in india. the fall ceiling has attracted customers with the unique designs and patterns. we have a team of experts, having ...
Other Services - Coimbatore - 12:51 hs
Belt Conveyors, Modular Conveyors for Pulp Industries

Belt conveyors, modular conveyors for pulp industries

We have the expertise of our team and high technology capability to offer our clients we manufacture a comprehensive range of conveyors comprising three variant such as belt conveyor, modular conveyor and roller conveyor. these conveyors are ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 01:01 hs
Heat Shrink Chambers, Heat Shrink Tunnel Manufacturer

Heat shrink chambers, heat shrink tunnel manufacturer

We offer an advanced range of heat shrink chambers / heat shrink tunnel that is suitable for shrink packaging wide range of products with ldpe, pvc, and poliolifin shrinkable film. our heat shrink chambers / heat shrink tunnel offers solutions for ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 01:00 hs
Bagging Machine, Automatic Powder Filling Machines

Bagging machine, automatic powder filling machines

The bag filling machine offered by us is a very effective and easy to function machine equipped with user friendly features like programmable set points, dual feed for accurate filling, provision for external start, cumulative batch and quantity ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 00:58 hs
Continuous Band Sealer for Chemical Industries

Continuous band sealer for chemical industries

We design and fabricate continuous band sealers that are excellent for heat sealing of laminated or non-laminate pre made pouches. these continuous band sealers also finds application in on line operation with filling machines and for mass ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 00:57 hs
Sachet Filling Machine for Packing Snacks

Sachet filling machine for packing snacks

As manufacturers and exporters we offer very efficient variety of sachet filling machine that finds extensive application in filling seal of pouches with liquid, granule and powder products. these sachet filling machines are also highly applicable ...
Other items - Coimbatore - 00:55 hs

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